I have an owner’s manual for almost everything I own, but I never found an owner’s manual accompanying any of the 16,000 + babies I delivered over the last 40 years. This book is my attempt to create such a manual. It is written for the average “Body Owner” and is not bogged down with meticulous documentation.

Tens of thousands of years ago our DNA was set down and it determines who we are. It was designed to be fed certain proteins and fats and carbohydrates which were abundant in nature. The difference in our DNA and our totally artificial modern diet accounts for the majority of illnesses today.

Here is a simple guide to body ownership written by a doctor who has taught nutrition to over a million people on 6 continents.

It will literally change and perhaps even save your life. Enjoy a journey with the keys to health and wellness.

Dr. Steven A. Komadina

The Book: Born To Be Healthy And Thin!

© 2005 Health Horizons, Steve Komadina, M.D.
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